Have you ever desired to have a sensational voice every time you sing? With an astonishing vocal range, hitting all the high notes and getting standing ovations every time you are on that stage? If yes, please continue reading. If no then this is the furthest you can read…just kidding!!!

This takes us to a question that has been ‘googled’ and asked so many times – What does it take for an average artist to attain the title ‘vocalist’? You will be surprised by what some of the most legendary vocalists from the likes of Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, Nat King Cole just to mention a few had to under-go as they trained vocally just to attain a 5-star kind of rating  musically that has lasted over so many decades.

Singing just like any other talent requires a lot of discipline. Vocalists such as Eric Wainaina, Kanjii Mbugua and the all-boys band group Sauti Sol can attest to the fact that consistent practice molds the finest musicians. But before you start the technical journey what are the practices that can give you a better shot to being exemplary at the end? Here are a few habits you can practice, some may seem a bit obvious and you may be tempted to overlook the simplicity behind them but trust me, they make all the difference in the end!

  1. WATER

Drink water often. Do not allow your voice box to be dehydrated at any point of the day. Carry a water can with you everywhere you go especially when you are outdoors. A dehydrated voice sounds ‘sticky’ and tends to strain during pitch changes. Some vocal coaches recommend you drink 6-8 glasses of water a day but I’d advise use of a water calculator (link)


Just like stretching before a workout it is advisable to stretch your voice box before singing. This reduces tension and prepares the organ before you sing. You can stretch your neck gently inclining your head towards each side of your shoulder the facing up stretching your tongue all the way out of your mouth.

  1. WARM UP

This is by performing lip rolls as frequently as you can. It feels a bit goofy when doing it or can even be embarrassing if anyone caught you doing it but trust me, it’s a great form of vocal exercise .


This wears your voice down. Adjust your voice to healthy levels, mid to slightly high to keep your voice healthy and to avoid straining when it gets to singing.


Do not yell when speaking to people who are far away, instead you can Ensure close proximity to them (touch distance) to avoid straining and in the process ruining your voice.

These are just but a few habits that can come in handy in giving your voice a great foundation. If repeated consistently you might be on the way to becoming the next John Legend or Alicia Keys LOL!!! Check out Kaguka‘s next article that points out the ‘DONTS’ when it comes to attaining a flawless singing


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